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Established by Dean & Kristin Kirkland in 2003, Kirkland Development is rooted in its guiding principles of providing quality without compromise in the Pacific Northwest. The executive staff at Kirkland Development leverage decades of combined commercial real estate development experience for their latest groundbreaking mixed-use project, Kirkland Tower. Committed to showcasing a strong excellence with regard to integrity, professionalism, dedication and ambition, the team has completed more than 60 commercial real estate developments valued at over $800,000,000 to date. With experience across sectors including residential, retail, medical, hospitality, industrial, and mixed-use, each project within Kirkland Development’s portfolio has added significant value to both the occupied land as well as the surrounding community. Upon construction completion, Kirkland Development manages projects with the same quality approach to maximize the value and experience for tenants and retailers for years to come.



At Otak, our shared purpose as an integrated design team is to connect people to place so they feel a lasting sense of pride and delight in their communities. This is reflected in the legacy of our built projects and is an approach that we continue to refine in the work we pursue. Since 1981, our integrated design approach to placemaking has been essential to our collaboration with clients on multifamily, mixed-use, suburban, and urban developments. The end result is projects that can be readily implemented since they are rooted in a deep understanding of the needs of today’s consumers and their communities. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Washington and Colorado, Otak has over 39 years of experience in the fields of planning, architecture, engineering, survey, and project/construction management.

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Ankrom Moisan Interiors has 20+ years of broad experience on the most sought-after, diverse, design-forward condominiums and market-rate housing projects on the West Coast. The firm’s greatest asset is our ability to weave stories and meaningful design into every fiber of a project. At Ankrom Moisan Interiors, we believe design is about creating experiences and spaces that are attuned to both their surrounding contexts, as well as to the human experiences of the people who will choose to live there. As a member of the Kirkland Tower project, Ankrom Moisan Interiors brought ambitious ideas to create a place of distinction—a residential design that stands alone in its iconic beauty. Ankrom Moisan has offices in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.



The Hotel Indigo® brand is a global boutique hotel brand that delivers a refreshing and inviting guest experience that is truly reflective of the local community. From the locally inspired murals to the renewal program where the music, scent, and menu items change throughout the year, each Hotel Indigo hotel delivers a vibrant, engaging and genuine boutique experience that gives guests the confidence to step out and explore the local neighborhood. Each Hotel Indigo property is unique and designed to reflect the local culture, character and geography of the surrounding area while brand hallmarks ensure consistent and reliable service from location to location. No two hotels are the same.